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Our 12 week, 20 week and 30 week programmes will increase and accelerate your:

Financial Impact

We correlate high levels of empathy to less attrition, less sickness and high performers in your company.

Emotional Impact

We measure the emotional impact of higher empathy levels on staff and customers and identify empathy deficits and strengths.

Create Transformation

We will implement a series of nudges to create cultural and customer transformation at scale and at speed.

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Our satisfaction rates for our workshops are between 90 and 95%.

Our online workshops give you the tools and techniques to practice empathy at work especially in times of conflict. We use techniques developed for hostage negotiation and apply those techniques in a work context to help give difficult feedback, have honest conversations and hold up a mirror to your own empathy levels.

“Belinda led a half-day empathy workshop for our Direct-to-Consumer People (HR) team, and it was the perfect session to upskill our team members on this important quality. Belinda really stepped in and got to know our team, our organisation and the individuals in the session. The workshop was perfectly tailored to our specific needs and challenges.”

Annie Gorman, Global Head of People, April 2022

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