Our Clients & Results

Empathy for Customers & Colleagues

  1. We implemented 12 empathy nudges in a call centre servicing 40,000 customers and increased NPS from 9 to 47 with 80% of customers becoming Promoters.

  2. Our work with a FTSE company has brought empathy into the monitoring and handling of complaints with a saving of up to £15million.

  3. Our work with car dealers for a luxury car brand increased sales by 23%.

Empathy in Communications

  1. We re-wrote and designed over 100 communications for a US energy company through the lens of empathy and increased customer satisfaction.

  2. We created templates and online training for a marketing team to create more empathic comms for customers.

  3. We changed the HR comms for one company to include more warmth in emails and company announcements.

Empathy & Diversity

  1. We ran an ambassador inclusion programme which was recognised as being best in class and recognised at the National Diversity Awards.

  2. We implemented 42 empathy nudges that increased belonging and empowerment across one of Europe’s biggest banks.

  3. Our CEO was recognised as one of the leading global diversity figures in public life www.globaldiversitylist.org/public-life

Who we work with