Transforming companies

through the science of empathy

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Our Story

We are a team of ‘company doctors’ who use data, behavioural science, psychology, metrics and frameworks to identify the empathy strengths and deficits of your company. Our Global Empathy Index, published in the Harvard Business Review, ranked public companies in the world. We demonstrated that more empathic companies are more profitable in terms of market capitalisation, growth, and earnings. We started out as “The Lady Geeks” focused on bringing more empathy to tech but now we work in all sectors.

Our approach

We use the power of empathy to help businesses grow. We connect employees and customers to give them more meaning and increase productivity. Our focus is on empathy in leadership, empathy in communications, and empathy in customer experience and operations. We take a forensic and surgical approach to empathy and measure it using our EMBRACE model.

How we define empathy

Empathy is not sympathy. Empathy in action is about understanding the emotional impact a company has on its staff and customers. Empathy-in-Action transforms companies through increased NPS, customer and colleague satisfaction and less churn.


Our founding principle is you can’t manage what you don’t measure. We measure empathy using our proprietary framework called EMBRACE. Our framework combines attitudinal, observational and behavioural data. We observe meetings for the first three weeks of working with you and audit 50 of your customer communications. Our EMBRACE tool is used in house in one of Europe’s largest banks to measure progress in terms of empathy and is run every 6 months.

Empathy Nudge

We geek out on behavioural science and have adapted the concept of nudges to develop empathy nudges for clients that are low cost and high impact. We won’t just tell you what the problems are but will work with you to resolve the biggest issues in the shortest amount of time.

Who we work with

Meet our Geeks

We are a team of data geeks, language geeks, strategy and psychology
geeks who will work with your teams to embed empathy in a sustainable way.